Ten Futuristic Garden Tools | Urban Gardens


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Natalia Corres‘s insight:

Okay, you know that my new vocation is related to animal care, but you also know I can not resist playing with tech…so today, I am sharing some cool innovations in tech for our lovely urban gardening.  As Sheldon would say – "Bazinga".

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About Natalia Corres

Tech Whisperer, Artist, Writer, Consultant, Animal and People Advocate - Natalia is the owner of "Whole Earth Pets", a professional pet services company and Founder of "Whole Earth Pets Foundation, Inc." a California Nonprofit focused on helping to keep pets with their owners. She enjoys the challenge of building or improving things - whether processes, teams, projects, tackling community issues or a way of seeing or being. She is available as a speaker, consultant, or mastermind group facilitator and is open to new experiences and learning new and old ideas.

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