How To Stop Negotiating And Get Paid What You’re Worth


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Google “freelance negotiation” and you’ll be inundated with pages of tips including how to get higher rates, not be intimidated, and avoid angering clients.

Haggling fills independent workers with such dread that The Freelancer’s Union devotes a blog post to The Art of Negotiating, assuring its members, “negotiating should (and can!) be like playing a friendly hand of poker.”Read More

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Catching up


One of the biggest challenges with starting a business is staying on top of all the details – especially when your business is growing and successful.

An abundance of success can be as terrifying and difficult as a languishing business.

My own business is in that mode.  Consequently I have been remiss in my blogging, and in just about everything else in my life. Where I would usually be sending out birthday cards regularly, and checking in on friends near and far – mostly I am looking at scheduling my clients and figuring out how to expand enough business to be able to support hiring more people so I can eventually have my free time back.

Free time.  There’s an odd concept.  Because even when I had “free” time, I was doing things – like the aforementioned tasks that are going by the wayside. I am missing painting and crafting.

But I am also about to pile more business tasks onto my overflowing plate.  I am learning who in my team I can delegate to, and determining what things I can do – and planning.

Planning is a big thing for us sole owners, freelancers, et al… I can’t say how much I find it helping me through all this chaos.

Planning is the one thing that enables me to stay on course in a world of constantly changing schedules, and events.  We might not always stay to plan, but we can always get back on it.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  It is important to have the plan, it isn’t important for it to be super detailed…but you need to have milestones that you can recognize to show that you have made progress.

I’ll write more about this later…or will add info as I run across it.  In the meantime, I have at least started blogging again.  And I hope to set up a podcast monthly for my business (pet related stuff).



How to fight back against decreasing Facebook visibility – #Bizitalk – the Social Network for Small Business


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Some useful tips for those using – and sometimes relying – on Facebook for their business

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